Our beginnings - KMC

Our beginnings

A 25 year-old in his college town of Guangzhou,China, Elvis Delong while working as intern,He frequently ate at Mai Jia Ji and KFC,some famous chain fast food based in Tian He Guangzhou,China.While there, he connected with the owners, who shared their secret recipes and success stories that inspired Delong,who later moved with a designated chef(Sun Chun Li) to Cameroon and opened his own location of Mai Jia Ji (KMC) in February 2013, a franchise that ultimately kicked off 7 years in the business of franchising restaurants for Delong . “When I started my very first franchise, I basically didn’t know what I was doing, it was a lot of learning from mistakes,“ Delong says. “But it was exciting.“

Delong eventually expanded his business, operating three different restaurants in Cameroon.He also invested in poultry,potatoes farming and the production of frozen French Fries in order to enhance quality production,to maintain supply chain,and to guarantee the market demands.He’s now the President of franchise development at KMC(Mai Jia Ji) in Central and West Africa,which has roughly 300 restaurants around mainland China and employs about 2000 direct skills and unskillful workers around the globe.


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